Windows (C++)

Dose Rate Calculator. Developed with the veterinary profession in mind. A Windows tool that allows you to define and manage lists of drugs and the doses appropriate to an animal of any weight. The following lists are currently supported:

In addition it can calculate the appropriate drip rate for Potassium. Adding Potassium to a drip is usually very beneficial but it must not be administered at too high a rate or it can become lethal for the patient.
I'm currently mulling over the idea of an online version using php - it'd be an interesting project but there's server load to consider.

Personal Tracker. Ongoing development of a Windows application charting date against weight in a database and presenting the results as an interactive graph. Use your own bitmaps as a background. See 7-day and 28-day averages at the click of a mouse. Zoom in and out and chart your training progress.
I'm working on a version which either doesn't need a database registered as a DSN with the ODBC manager, or an installable version which handles the registration automatically.

Code Compactor. Developed for iTV and the Web, this Windows app compresses javascript files by stripping out all unnecessary tabs, spaces, blank lines, block and inline comments and debugtext statements. It can also append multiple files into one file saving even more memory. HTML files can be cleaned of comments too.

See also the Game Engine - Pyramid Builder Challenge game (BBCi/History) built on Win98/2K.

Java and The Internet

Mostly designed for the Internet, there are some games, demos and utility applications.


Game Engine - 5-reel fruit machine (proposal for Gala Games ©) built on Win98/2K

DataBean A Java Bean handling remote database transactions.

Chat Server A fully-featured chat client/server suite allowing you to run your own chat system from the comfort of home. Maintains a list of current users and their nicknames - as service administrator you can decide who to boot off the system with the click of a button.

Dynamic Redirect A Java application which will enable Internet surfers to contact any server you care to run (ftp, http, quake etc) running on your home PC on the port of your choice even when your ISP hides you behind a dynamic IP Address. Can be used in conjuction with the above.