Programming the Net Yaroze

Wide-Screen Scrollerball is a unique implementation of that old favourite "Breakout", with ray-traced graphics and a playing area twice as wide as the screen.
The paddle is used to nudge the screen edges, scrolling the display from side to side to reach the farthest bricks. This sounds wierd but it turns out to be immensely playable. There's a indicator to show where you are in relation to the playing area as a whole, so you don't get lost. Side paddles appear in Expert Play which must be used to defend the sides of the screen as well as the bottom. There's the usual sound effects, power-ups, bonuses and multiple levels, punctuated by animated screen wipes. This game breathes new life into a tried and tested concept.

Of course, Scrollerball is only 2D. The real challenge was to make a 3D game. In the few weeks available to me I implemented one level of a game based on Gladiators - each level being a different gladiator contest involving running, fighting, shooting, driving etc., or some combination of these and other interactions.


Gladiatrix (a meld of Gladiators and Tomb Raider) was based on AtlasSpheres - contestants roll themselves around in spherical cages and attempt to roll over a central scoring point while keeping the opposition at bay by bashing into them. This game turned out to be a lot of fun, a bit like a game of billiards where you are the cue ball!

Gladiatrix didn't really look like this of course, these are my title screen and packshot :) 10/10 for ambition though