Multimedia Programming in Java

This applet was written using the 1.1.7(a) JDK from Sun Microsystems.
Author: M.A.Serlin

This game also runs on the Sun appletviewer (1.1.7).

I welcome any comments. Emails to Me, here.

All graphics and programming by M.A.Serlin apart from:

  • Sprite, SpriteVector and the Background classes, which have remained unchanged from those given in the book "Internet Game Programming" (Michael Morrison, SAMS)
  • The sounds, which were taken from a game I found on the 'net (UFO Attack) by "Sergio", the link for which is now broken. Thanks anyway.

There's a couple of bugs I didn't get time to eradicate, of course. Occasionally the ship disappears instead of a mine. There should be three little life indicators in the top righthand corner - sometimes they appear, sometimes not.