Daniel Dexter Serlin

Arrived at 11:38 BST on Thursday 28th August 2003 weighing 6lb 5oz.
He's 50cm tall and has two of everything he should have :)

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28 minutes old! And beautiful :)    Half an hour old! In love :)    One hour old. Still beautiful :)    Asleep at home, 2 days old.    Daniel looking like Ruth (IMO ;-) 5 days old.    Asleep on me a whole week old.    Ruth & Daniel asleep at home, knackered, 8 days old.    2 weeks old, and wondering about the world.    Eighteen days old and still sleeping. Bless.    A month old and getting some expressions! Hello! I'm a month old and I'm awake!   
A month old and getting some expressions! And who are you?! That was a nice dinner thanks...    More dinner please!    Six and a half weeks old, on a sunny Sunday 12th October in the kitchen.    Danny's really starting to look at things now.    Looking at things and wondering what they are!    Favourite things are his Big Bee, light fittings and black and white book of Pets    7.5 weeks old and very interested in his mobile.    That's the mobile over his cot, not a telephone!    His mobile really makes him smile.    9 Weeks old now, hanging out in the front room on his changing mat   
Smiling at dangly things that play tunes    And interested in dangly things that rattle.    12 wks: And we were worried that he wasn't laughing. We're getting big grins now!    12 wks: Hanging out in the kitchen and laughing with mum :)    Xmas, 13.5 pounds and 14 weeks old, and cute as a button.    New Year's Eve 2003, and it's bathtime.    New Year's Eve 2003, having a sleep on our walk with Jill and Simon.    New Year's Eve 2003, having a sleep on our walk with Jill and Simon.    New Year's Eve 2003: Lord and master of all he surveys...    Danny's New Year Hat from Auntie Katherine. He'll love her for this.   
A Rainy day in Priory Park, out for a walk with mum & dad.    Just back from the January sales.    March 2004, asleep on Ruth    March 2004, asleep on Ruth    March 2004 - just time for a little kip!    March 2004, asleep on Ruth    March 2004 - Coming over all sleepy at Nana Grace's    March 2004 - it's teatime! Food is a new and strange thing!    Having fun at the Syon Park Butterfly House, March 2004    Easter 2004 and Danny discovers water and grass.   
Easter 2004 at Osterley Park. A Grand Day Out. Danny now weighs 17lb.    August - hot - time to stuff plastic balls up yer jumper!    Sleeping on Ruth for the first time in ages. He'd getting to be a big boy!    A day out along the South Bank early in July. We had fun!    One very happy baby! But no teeth just yet!    Our first camping trip to Larmertree Festival in Dorset. Danny loved all the music and dancing around. Next time he'll be running around with all the other kids. Can't wait!    Larmertree was hot and it's nice to be back home.    Off to Sara's for the day while mum and dad go to work. Danny really likes his bike rides.    Just chilling in Crouch End, looking for some action, wearing his WOMAD hat from Louise :)    Action found - a favourite thing to do. Danny thinks swings are great fun!   
We just can't get enough of those swings :)    Happy Birthday Danny! we can't believe you're a year old already.    Danny couln't wait to get his hands on Auntie Pam's present, because he loved the wrapping paper with its big doggy!    In fact he loved the paper so much we've kept it so we can make him a picture for his room! He loved the present too.    DD's favourite pastime has to be getting his hands on a good read. This activity book is from Emma and Matt.    Thank you everybody, I had the best birthday ever!    No matter where you are, sometimes lunch is the most interesting thing. A true Serlin.    A busy day at WOMAD festival - when you have to nap, you have to nap.    Danny reading his program at WOMAD this year.    Danny really likes music, especially if it's live and right in front of him. He plays the guitar at home too.   
In the woods with dad.    In Allie Pally park with Stick.    In the Deep Dark Wood - we didn't find a Gruffalo.    At Carter's Steam Fair in a pink Elvis car!    Mum's sandals!    Danny's first ever haircut.    Just beautiful.    Breathtakingly beautiful boy!    Having fun with cousin Ryan.    In Allie Pally park jumping in puddles. A favourite pastime.   
Hanging out in the kitchen.    Big bruise! Don't care!!    Hello! Lunch with Baby James at Paradise Park.    Indulging in the Healthy Option. Not.    More Healthy Option please!   

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