On holiday in Greece, Sani Beach, 1998 Mark Serlin
Born: Sydney Australia
Nationality: British and Australian
Residence: London
Profession: Programmer
Applied Computing BSc hons 1st Class
MediaHighway DLi3
An honest man at last :)
See The Greenwich Dance and marvel! ;-)

Brief Biog:
I was born in Sydney Australia but was brought over to the UK when I was 9 months old. I haven't been back to visit yet - a trip to Aus is definitely planned as I still have relatives over there. My father was English and my mother Australian (so I have dual nationality). I have lived in and around London all my life.
Before I became a programmer I had quite a variety of jobs and hobbies. Hard to tell the difference sometimes, maybe it depends on the fun:money ratio?

Latest WOMAD pics.
My Ducati 450
Other bikes I have owned and known.

On August 11th 2001 my partner Ruth and I got married, on what will remain the most memorable day of my life. I'd say the happiest but we've had many many happy days since then. We've been looking forward to our first baby who we've been calling Little Dot, convinced that she is a girl :)

And Here He Is!  

And now look! Another one, every bit as beautiful as the first! We're in love all over again :)