I really will write down at least the highlights when I get the time, I really will.
Meantime, a few headers...

I've owned a whole bunch over the years, and used to write for the Yamaha Owners' Club Magazine (when I had a Triumph Saint - having had the XT500 nicked!). I was a despatch rider for about 7 years riding a variety of machines from BMW's to Honda Custom Superdreams.
My favourites will always be my BSA 250 Fleetstar (which was my first "real" bike), my 249cc Ducati MkIII single and my Triumph 650 Saint, together with the only one I now have left, a Ducati 450 Desmo. Honorable mention, though, to the BMW 800's and the XT500 which was a lot of fun.

The guitar I play most right now is my 1984 Martin D28 which I bought in July 1999. It's a real honey of a guitar but my favourite, though it doesn't sound as sweet, is my Antoria "Hummingbird 754" acoustic. Antoria Hummingbird I've had this guitar since 1971. It's a faithful replica of a Gibson, made in Japan out of imported American hardwood. It had a much-needed refret in 1993 and actually frets more accurately than the Martin though you have to play with real precision to get it to sound its best.
I also have an Aria ProII RS Wildcat electric guitar, a sort-of Strat type guitar which I used at my first gig, at Glastonbury in 1985, and a Hohner "Jack" headless bass which is very nice indeed. I used to have a Hohner Steinberger copy which could almost be persuaded to sound like the real thing which I played through a Laney 4x12 combo amp when I was bassist in Nightshift and I.D.Crisis
My current guitar amp is a little Fender Blues Blaster 30W valve combo which has buckets of tone and can cut through the loudest drummers and bassists and sounds gorgeous!

Cats & Dogs
Pudding and Rice
Colin and Derek

Minicabbing - I've had em all in the back etc.. here's a brief list...

I worked at Michael Douglas Studios in 1977/78 where I learned all about black and white processing and printing.
I went on to work as assistant to 3 photographers in Queensway (London W2) - Mike Martin, a hideously grinning camp queen of a (quite talented) portrait photographer with a horribly false laugh; Eric Carter, a real granny of a (very talented) food photographer who was always conveniently "losing" people's invoices under piles of other invoices; and Alec Murray, a fellow Aussie and a complete and utter hero of the best sort who, incidentally, took me to such places as the stately home of Lord & Lady ("Dale") Tryon and the Marriage of Diana and Charles (yes, that Diana and Charles). Alec was great friends with the editor of Australia Women's Weekly, for whom we also photographed such luminaries as Hardy Amies (a lovely man) and Zhandra Rhodes. The wide range of assignments I covered with these guys ensured that by the time I left I could handle cameras from 35mm through Hasselblad 2.25cm to 5x4 and 10x8 plates, using flash, tungsten or daylight lighting in the studio and on location!
I then worked as the Assistant (to Alan Webber) Studio Manager at Carlton Studios, a catalogue specialist photography house with 8 studios, a dozen overseas location crews and the most horrible vile jumped-up little shit of an owner whose brother happened to be the immensely talented businessman Michael Green of television fame. I met a lot of great people there, some of whom are still involved the studios' current incarnation. People like Howard Rose, Barbera Freshwater, Richard Seaman, Steve Cartwright.. quite an endless list actually, but not to forget Chris Greene who I still meet up with on a regular basis to play guitar.

Bands I've been in

Bands I wished I'd been in ;)
ie my all-time favourites...

Racing bikes and people

First car
Ford Anglia which overheated in summer, so you had to keep the heater on full blast or it would boil over. Nice. Eventually welded the front offside wheel bearing to its axle on the A40 flyover one morning at 60mph. Exciting!
Currently I have the most boring car in the world i.e. a Nissan Primera 2.0i Auto. Yawn...