Online Events Diary being created in php and XML for a yachting syndicate to help them keep track of the year's sailing events, and the crew details for each trip. Very much under construction right now.

Online Anaesthetics. The basics of an Expert System in client-side JavaScript which will recommend the correct type of anaesthetic circuit to use for any small mammal. It was developed with the help of a veterinary anaesthetist. The recommended circuit is pictured in detail together with a summary of the program's reasoning.
Futher development could include a written record stored on the server as XML to form part of the patient's history.

Code Compactor. Developed for iTV and the Web, this Windows app compresses javascript files by stripping out all unnecessary tabs, spaces, blank lines, block and inline comments and debugtext statements. It can also append multiple files into one file saving even more memory (45k per file). HTML files can be cleaned of comments too.

www.ashluecker.com. I designed and built the site navigation and skinning schemes making tailored content available via distinct themes for learning, gambling etc.

www.customerchampions.co.uk. I designed and prototyped a dynamic website scheme using Server-Side Includes and JavaScript to enable non-technical writers to update site content without needing to know any HTML. The scheme also includes the use of robots.txt and .htaccess directives and stylesheets.
Major benefits of this system are:

Colour Tools. Online resources for Web and iTV.

Basic HTML FAQ and resources.

Games & Applets

Ships 'n' Subs arcade-style sub hunter game.
The Great Truck Race. Synchronized random Tortoise-and-Hare betting game.
The Penrose Triangle. 2D O-O double-buffered interactive animation.
Basic Animation using graphic primitives, double-buffering and simple character animation.


Dose Rate Calculator. A quick and easy way of calculating and storing the appropriate dose rate for any drug. It can also calculate the appropriate drip rate for Potassium. (Adding Potassium to a drip is often indicated but the rate is critical.
This is currently a Windows tool but might be a more valuable collaborative resource if distributed online.
Possible implementations I am considering include php/XML and Flash/XML/Java.