Continuing Professional Development


September 2002
Formal accredited training on OpenTV SDK.

Subsequent applications written:
Flying Circus, side-scrolling adventure arcade game
Jamble, top-down tile-swapper
Kennel Pups, top-down arcade adventure
Teen Wolf Tantrum, side-scrolling arcade game
Strange Hill, RPG platform game
Happy Word Time, animated character-based quiz
When Fruit Turns Bad, top-down arcade game
Boxclever, animated quiz
Springboard, quiz engine
CBeebies, kids' colouring game
Snakes 'n' Ladders, scratchcard gambling concept
Casino Fruit Machine
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November 2000
Formal accredited training on MediaHighway SDK.

Subsequent applications written:
TwoWayTV MediaHighway Engine
TwoWayToday On-Screen Magazine
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October 1996 - May 1999
I graduated from Middlesex University with a 1st Class hons. BSc. in Applied Computing.

The degree mainly focused on

with a side-order of

My dissertation is available online here.